Wrestle Kingdom

Wrestle Kingdom

平台/Platform(s)/対応ハード:PlayStation 2、Xbox360

遊戲簡介 / Introduction / 紹介

Wrestle Kingdom is a game developed by veteran wrestling game manufacturer Yuke's, which is based on Japanese professional wrestling. There are dozens of players from various professional wrestling leagues including New Japan, All Japan, and Noah, as well as freely participating and guest performers in the game.

With the powerful 3D graphics processing capabilities of Xbox 360, the game depicts the appearance of each player in detail, including facial features, body shape, scars and spots and other unique physical characteristics, all with detailed description. The action part is based on actual action from real wrestling matches that famous moves of each player can be fully reproduced in the game.

In addition, the performances in the competition venue, referees and on-site audiences are all made with the goal of reproducing the actual venue and atmosphere, so that players can have a real experience on both vision and sound effects.

In addition to real players, players can create and edit their own players and participate in the "career drama mode". From a rookie, through apprenticeship and uninterrupted practice, gradually grow into a wrestling champion with hundreds of battles. The game also supports the Xbox Live network connection battle function, allowing players to play with wrestling in one-on-one or two-player matches and other different battles to accumulate their own records.

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