開發/Developer(s)/開発元:Electronic Arts Inc.
平台/Platform(s)/対応ハード:GAME CUBE

遊戲簡介 / Introduction / 紹介

SSX Tricky is a snowboarding video game, the second game in the SSX series published under the EA. Gameplay continues the same basic method introduced in SSX, with the main tracks being 'remixed' from the previous games and two new tracks, Garibaldi and Alaska. The important new feature added to the series are the Uber moves. If players are able to fill their boost bar to the maximum, they will be able to perform Uber moves which involve characters taking their feet off their board and doing over the top moves. If a player successfully lands an Uber move, they are given a short amount of time for infinite boost, which can be topped off by performing more Uber moves. Each player can perform five Uber moves, including a personal move if the character is using a board that matches their style. If a player successfully performs six Uber moves, spelling out 'tricky' on the boost bar, they will have infinite boost for the remainder of the level.

Also introduced in the game is a rivalry system in the World Circuit mode. If the player is friendly with another AI character, they will treat the player favourably. However, if the player ends up annoying other AI characters, generally by attacking them during the race in order to fill the adrenaline bar, they will become hostile towards players in future events.

There are four modes of gameplay.

—The Freeride mode of gameplay does not allow players to unlock characters or boards.

—Practice Mode is a great place for beginners to get the opportunity to get used to snowboarding.

—In the World Circuit mode, players have the ability to unlock characters, boards and outfits by racing and competing in events.

—Single Event takes, as its name suggests, one of the events over a single heat from World Circuit mode.

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